pH Testers, Meters

  1. Constant indicator of desired levels of pH, conductivity, and temperature of nutrient solutions. Data logs these parameters to computer for you. Data also accessible via the cloud. Includes 1 button pH calibration, alarm settings, pH probe, adapter collar for pH probe, and conductivity probe. Learn More
  2. Electronically controlled mains switching box, activates mains powered equipment from a Bluelab controller.Adds temperature control to Bluelab Pro Controller and some Bluelab Dosetronic models. Has 4 IEC main outputs with a 8.5A maximum total output load. 100V-240V, 50/60Hz compatible. Learn More
  3. Accurately measure, control and maintain pH levels. Use with the Bluelab Pro Controller for a fully integrated solution for optimal reservoir dosing. 1x 120ml (4fl oz)/min peristaltic pump for dosing pH and 2x 120ml (4fl oz)/min for nutrient stock solutions. Learn More
  4. Use with the Bluelab Pro Controller. 1x 40 fl oz/min pump for dosing pH adjuster solutions, 2x 40 fl oz/min pumps for dosing nutrient stock solutions. Accurately measure, control, and maintain pH levels. Includes 2x 13 feet of tubing for adjuster solutions and nutrient stock solutions. Learn More
  5. A rugged, portable Hanna pH meter that complies with IP67 standards and measures for pH, ORP, and temperature. Comes with all necessary accessories to perform a pH/temperature measurement packaged into a durable carrying case. Calibration can be performed up to five points with seven preprogrammed standard pH buffers and five custom ones to achieve a pH accuracy of ±0.002 with ±0.001 pH resolution. Offers a pH Range of -2.0 to 20.0 pH and pH resolution options of 0.1 pH, 0.01 pH, or 0.001 pH. Learn More
  6. Clever monitoring, dosing and data logging of solution pH levels. Made easy. With Hands-free monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels. Simple. pH raise or lowers automatically for you. With dosing lockouts to prevent over-dosing. Bluelab Connect Stick is required (sold separately) Learn More