Plantmax (Xtrasun) Bulb 400w HPS

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1-2 Weeks

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Xtrasun Plantmax 400w HPS bulbs have adjusted blue spectrum ideal for flowering stages of your growth cycle. Rated to up to 24,000 hours and have an initial intensity of 50,000 lumens. Plantmax grow lamps bring the ultimate yields no matter the season.
Plantmax offers adjusted spectrum in both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium grow lamps. Plantmax Metal Halide provides high lumen output and spectrum that help plants grow in vegetative stages. Plantmax High Pressure Sodium with adjusted blue spectrum brings you the best yields in flowering and fruiting. Plantmax grow lamps bring you ultimate yields even in the middle of winter.

Plantmax 400w HPS Specifications:
  • Initial Lumens: 50,000
  • Glass Size: ET18
  • Life Hours: 24,000
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    Name Plantmax (Xtrasun) Bulb 400w HPS
    Brand Plantmax
    SKU XTB1030
    UPC 638104011983
    MSRP $29.95
    Warranty 1 Year
    Watts 400w
    Lumens 50,000