Pots, Net Pots, Fabric Pots
Common Culture Fabric Pots

With our large variety of containers, we make it easy in selecting the best pots, net pots, or mesh pots for your grow. Ranging in many sizes, colors, and material we have exactly what you need to design your ideal grow room.

Plastic or fabric pots, round or square pots, pots in all shapes and sizes ensure you'll find the containers you need.

Round Pots are available in a wide selection of sizes to fit your plant's growing needs.

Square Pots are popular with hydroponic growers wanting to maximize the square footage of their growing area.

Fabric Pots, which have better airflow to the root zone of your plants.

Net Pots are popular hydroponic growing pots since the plant's roots are able to grow out and down from, while Mesh Bottom Pots have superior drainage properties.