Prism Ceramic Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit

Now you can use a 315W CMH Lamp in your existing reflector with a standard mogul socket! CMH conversion kit including 315W ballast, CMH to MOG lamp adapter. (Not included in price of Kit: Your choice for options of 4200k or 3100k 315W CMH Lamp.)

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Name Prism Ceramic Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit
Brand Prism Lighting Science
Warranty 3 Year
Watts 315w
Voltage 120-240v
MSRP $299.99
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Price Beat Guarantee - We BEAT Competitors!

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    A: We have a range of cords that will work for your application. While they don't have the proper socket for a CMH lamp, you can easily convert the socket using an adapter. Following are links to the items you would need on our website: Socket Assemby - 5KV Short Base - 15 Ft. 315w Ceramic MH to E39 Mogul Base to PGZX Socket CMH Adapter The first link is for a 15ft cordset with a Sunlight Supply ballast plug. If you need a longer length or a cordset with a Hydrofarm ballast plug they are also available on our website. Happy growing!
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    A: The Prism Ceramic Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit is compatible with flip boxes. Just remember to set the timer on the flip box to allow a 15 minute cooldown period between flipping power to the rooms. Happy growing!
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    A: Yes
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    A: Yes, this can be hung vertically without reflector, however caution should be exercised since these lamps burn very hot and can cause serious injury if touched, and the 4200k lamps have a high UV rating, so eye and skin protection for periods of extended exposure is recommended.
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    A: The Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Remote Ballast 120/240v draws 2.89 @ 120v / 1.42 @ 240v. Happy growing!
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    A: The Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Remote Ballast 120/240v included in this kit IS a digital square wave ballast. Happy growing!
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    A: Although we don't recommend it, as long as you didn't alter any wiring by removing the reflector, you could operate just the bulb vertically. Also, by doing this you may increase the risk of bumping into the bulb causing burns and/or damage to the bulb. There is a vertical set-up that you might consider first, tho. Here is a link:
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    A: That unit carries a 3 year warranty. For more info, refer to this link:
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    A: We recommend the lower kelvin rating (3100K) for flowering.
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    A: The ballast comes with both a 120V power cord and a 240V power cord.
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    A: 3100K

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Our Ceramic Science 315W CMH Conversion Kit allows you to convert an existing light reflector with a standard mogul socket to use a 315W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp (two prong base) with our adapter and included special CMH ballast. Compare Prism Lightin Science 315w CMH Ballast to Philips CMH/CDM ballast, with all the same functionality and 3 year warranty, at a fraction of the price.

Ceramic MH 315 Kit includes one each:
PGZX18 - EX39 (Mogul base) lamp socket adapter
315W CMH Ballast
8 ft 120V power cord included

Optional add-on: Open rated Philips 315W lamp

Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Ballast 120/240v

Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CM 120/240V Ballast Ballast safely and efficiently drives 315W ceramic metal halide lamps. Variable voltage 120/240V. Low Mains frequency 50/60 Hz, square wave type. End of Lamp life, short circuit, open circuit, ignition failure and thermal protections for safety. 120v cord included.
  • UL Listed 120/240V Ballast with 120V 8ft Power Cord
  • Rated life time is no less than 50,000 hours
  • Dimesions: 8.46 L x 7.01 x w 3.64 h (8.01 L x 3.94 w mounting)
  • Maximum Striking Distance (Between Ballast & Reflector): 50ft or 15m
  • Wave Type: Square

  • 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

  • 1 year warranty

  • Colosio CMH to Mogul Base Socket Adapter

  • UL listed, CSA
  • 600V rated voltage
  • 660W Maximum rated power

  • How it works

    Our Mog to CMH adaptor has one end with a standard mogul socket thread and the other side has holes to fit the prongs on a CMH two prong lamp. First, attach a CMH lamp to the socket, then Simply screw the adapter into any standard mogul reflector, use the encluded CMH ballast cordset and CMH ballast to plug into the reflector and you are ready to grow.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great conversion kit! Review by Ryan
    Overall Rating
    I'm very pleased with the performance of the ballast and the ease of use of the mogul socket converter. It was very quick and easy to make the switch to CMH. I will be purchasing more. (Posted on 4/6/2018)
    Great light! Review by Fishboy
    Overall Rating
    I use these for veg and bloom! (Posted on 6/25/2017)
    Excellent Review by Paulb
    Overall Rating
    I've got 3 of these now. Great little units. (Posted on 6/16/2017)
    Works Review by Nick
    Overall Rating
    Conversion is one of the best I've purchased so far. The only problem I've had is the ballasts do not work with the 240 so well. My bulbs fizzled after 7 minutes. I gave it a half hour to cool the bulbs down, and plugged into 120v on 30 amp circuit and then there were no problems. Works every time. I've purchased at least 10 so far and will purchase more. I'm using old hoods and turning xxl hoods into powerhouse lights. With the Phillips 4200 and 3200, better in my estimation than the phantoms using same bulbs. (Posted on 6/15/2017)
    Terrific bang for buck Review by MedVer
    Overall Rating
    One of these paired with a 600w HPS
    Better overall quality and roughly same quantity of tomatoes as two 600HPS
    My T5 4' x8 tube fixture is looking for a new job (Posted on 5/25/2017)
    315 LEC = 600 HPS all day Review by Bud Weaver
    Overall Rating
    I wasted so much time and money. [email protected] 315 will do a 3x3 area no problem you can strech it to do a 4x4 area however best results are achieved with a bulb every 3' on center. Every bit of floor space will be usuable. Best light available for indoor horticulture. Use 4200k for veg or full spectrum growing or dense up the flowers and bloom with the 3100k. (Posted on 4/26/2017)
    Runs Hot Review by Just Received
    Overall Rating
    So far it's working. Only con so far is the ballast runs very hot. Heat gun shows 120 degrees F coming off of it paired with Ushio 4200. (Posted on 4/12/2017)
    Small growers dream!! Review by True Dankster
    Overall Rating
    This set up is awesome! These lil guys will blind you and put off crazy light. You can save so much money between the lower wattage of the 315s and the substantial heat reduction allowing your AC to work easier. I have low ceilings in an attic room and I've had to run only hooded and vented lights hps either 4 600s or 2 1000s and a 600 were all I could cool. I have 5 315s of these going with a 600 all bare bulb with an 1800 split unit cooling things more than adequately. I'll be replacing my 600 with 3 more 315s and will have a total of 8 in that space. I have mine in simple batwing reflectors which are hanging right up against the ceiling off their hangers. I have no worries about the heat at all - these babies are a total game changer. More light exposure and less heat to battle and from what I can tell so far little to no loss in density or yield. Two or three of these bare bulb in a tent would rock. I really think these are the future for the small grower dealing with tight spaces and heat issues, they solved my issues and I'm very happy with the results - that perfect curve on the light spectrum shines through;-) (Posted on 4/7/2017)
    Great Light at a great price Review by MrSensiSnax
    Overall Rating
    I recently switched over from a 400w MH in a hood for my veg and a 600w HPS hung barebulb vertically for flower. I got three ballasts and mogul adapters and no run 2 x 315w CMH in bloom bare vertical and retrofitted my Blockbuster hood with the mogul adapter and removed the glass. My overall power draw is down, my light coverage and intensity have improved, temps are down, trichomes are up. Great investment, it really is a step up. (Posted on 3/13/2017)
    Works like a charm Review by Jay
    Overall Rating
    I'm 100% satisfied, very bright. (Posted on 3/8/2017)
    Clean light Review by Sy
    Overall Rating
    Love it will buy more. (Posted on 2/16/2017)
    Awsome Review by Mike
    Overall Rating
    Works great (Posted on 2/13/2017)
    Light upgrade Review by DJ BUD
    Overall Rating
    If it would have had a on/off led +status monitoring, would have given it 10 star.
    Very impressed. (Posted on 1/26/2017)
    Sweet setup Review by Hashdog69
    Overall Rating
    So 2×315w lamps in a 4x4 for 630w of cmh, these separate the heat, I was using a nanolux 630w but too much heat under 1 lamp.

    Cmh heat is convection not radiant heat, so heat can be sucked out of tent, and not cook my baby girls. 3100 is still a bright ass bulb but I get red hairs early on usually 2-3 weeks. (Posted on 1/17/2017)
    Incredible!! Beats 400w MH with Ease! Review by Bendro
    Overall Rating
    I replaced a 400w Hortilux Blue with the CS 315w CMH and there really is no comparison. The CMH is a beast at just 3amps on a 120v Circuit!
    The Ballest is completely quite and doesn't get very hot at all! Very manageable!
    In my opinion, the 400w MH doesn't exist any more.
    Plants are happier, my electric load is less, and I get to use my favorite Reflector too.
    This is a must have! I plan to get a 2nd to use in junction with a 400 HPS for Flowering! (Posted on 1/17/2017)
    Great savings Review by InVA
    Overall Rating
    This a great way to save money and use what you already have. Everything was plug and play. I didn't really see a decrease in the heat so you will still need some type of exhaust fan. CMH 3100k seems to be a very good spectrum for veg and flower. I'll update in a couple of months. (Posted on 1/12/2017)
    Just awesome Review by Josh
    Overall Rating
    Well first off I would say that my first purchase with growers-house was great fast delivery, no damaged goods(ordered these hoods and bulbs....good packing) great prices. These conversation kits are just great, ballasts are a great buy and the moguls worked perfectly. These are great for use for your own hoods (saves money) and honestly, I've used the 315 hoods but they're really small with this kit I can use my XXL open hoods and have great light spread. But these are great. (Posted on 12/14/2016)
    Great Review by Mighty rabbit hunter
    Overall Rating
    Very easy to set up and works perfectly (Posted on 12/4/2016)
    happy Review by mary
    Overall Rating
    Good product, fast delivery, good prices. (Posted on 12/2/2016)
    AWESOME!! Review by Charlie
    Overall Rating
    This kit is a life saver! Unbelievable savings all around: from the original purchase, to the ultimate savings in utilities. Can't wait to order 4 more!! (Posted on 12/2/2016)
    quality product Review by thx1138
    Overall Rating
    This ballast is quiet, well built, and partners very well with the new sun system reflector. These two together with the Philips bulb (3100k) have made my setup very efficient, and compared to regular hps and cob leds, my growth rate far better. I am looking at plants that would be at the 5 week stage under Cree cob leds, and these plants are only at week three under this setup (6 under one 315 watt LEC with this ballast and the reflector noted).
    I am vegging under the Philips 3100k and they love it. (Posted on 11/9/2016)
    These work great Review by Hammerhead
    Overall Rating
    I got 2 of these. I have had no issues from day 1 with these 315 ballast. Great price for great results. (Posted on 9/12/2016)
    Need more!!! Review by Frankie knuckles
    Overall Rating
    These kits kick serious tail for the price!
    Waiting patiently for restock, buying more once they come back around. (Posted on 6/4/2016)
    BRING THIS BACK! Review by J
    Overall Rating
    Please, bring this item back! (Posted on 5/12/2016)
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