Prococo Compressed Organic CocoChip 4.5 Kg Block

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Expands to 2.5 Cu. Ft. (approx. 18 gallons of media) Prococo has some of the lowest EC on the market, so you know exactly what your plants are getting.
Grow BIGGER plants - Grow LARGER roots - Get HIGHER yields with PROCOCO

Compressed blocks are the most economical way to buy this premium coconut coir - either as CocoPeat or CocoChips. Prococo 4.5 kg blocks are 5:1 compressed and expand to ~2.5 CF of media (~18 gallons) when soaked in water. ProCoco coconut seedling block consists entirely of fibers and coconut peat with almost no dust. This grade of coir is a universal potting medium. Some of the plants that have been successfully grown in pure crushed coir include tropicals, cacti, succulents, vegetables, orchids, and blooming and budding plants. ProCoco is also 100% organic.

This grade of coir is a universal growing medium, almost any plant can be grown in coco coir. Grow like a pro. Blend CocoPeat and CocoChips in different ratios to create the perfect compromise of water holding capacity and root zone aeration for any plant. May be used as a soil amendment to lighten soils allowing LARGER root growth, BIGGER plants and HIGHER yields. Fertilize as required.

  • Cleanest coir available
  • Consistent quality every time
  • Excellent water retention and drainage allowing oxygen to root zone
  • An eco-friendly sustainable alternative to peat moss
  • 100% Organic

    Save WATER - Save TIME - Save MONEY with PROCOCO

    How To Use

    Soak block in large container of water. In a couple of hours it will disintegrate and expand to make about 16-18 gallons of ready-to-use medium.

    Can pot plants in pure coir, but with this grade you’ll have to water smaller pots (up to 6 inches) frequently. Larger pots don’t need more water than with other good media.

    Can mix with up to equal parts pumice or perlite, and a little vermiculite to augment ion exchange capacity. As with all potting media, provide calcium: Add some pelleted limestone to the mix for alkaline-loving plants or gypsum for acid-loving ones.

    Topdress unrepotted plants at least once a year with gypsum. Or add calcium nitrate to your soluble fertilizer mix.

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