1. Eliminate Pathogens & Odors on Surfaces with Minimal Contact Time. ProKure V is a safe, effective, pharmaceutical grade solution for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing. When combined with cool water, ProKure V generates a liquid solution of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that is fast and effective. Kills bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. Learn More
  2. ProKure D Extended Release Gas Pouch generates small amounts of gas with exposure to humidity in the air for up to 30 days. Great for controlling odors that are continually reintroduced. Available in two sizes: a 50 gram (treats 4,000 cubic feet) and a 10 gram (treats 1,000 cubic feet) pouch. Learn More
  3. Controls odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew
    Formulated for use between harvests to control odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, ProKure G is an EPA-registered ClO2 breakthrough technology. The ProKure G patented vapor delivery system is deep penetrating and designed for use throughout the year.

    • Formulated to quickly control mold/mildew odors and other foul smells
    • Ideal for water and smoke damage, odor control
    • Fast and easy to use; water-activated
    • EPA Registration #: 87508-3-89334

    Available in two sizes: a 25 gram (treats 2,250 cubic feet) and a 10 gram (treats 1,000 cubic feet) pouch. Learn More
  4. Use this 20-gallon closed-head drum where large quantities of ProKure V liquid disinfectant will be required. The solid blue drum blocks out UV rays and a Drum Bung Wrench used to open large 55-gallon drums of chemical. This simple hard plastic wrench fits the plastic cap that seals a drum of a chemical. Learn More

Helping you maintain a stable grow environment.

As a cultivator, maintaining a consistent grow environment is critical. Thankfully, ProKure products can address a wide range of the most common cultivator issues, depending on the product series and ClO2 concentration levels.

Disinfectants, Sanitizers, and Deodorizers

ProKure™ Solutions is a line of safe, broad-spectrum liquid and gas products for deodorizing, disinfecting and sanitizing. The patented ProKure technology kills pathogens on any surface within seconds, leaving no carcinogens, poisons, VOC’s, THM’s or other harmful residues.

ProKure V is a liquid, safe and effective hospital-grade solution for disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces.

The ProKure G line of products generate powerful gas that attacks odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and chemical odors (including harmful VOC’s) without generating any hazardous residues.

ProKure D is a strong deodorizer that physically changes the chemical make-up of odor-causing compounds. These odors will not reoccur, unlike when using an odor masking agent.