ProSource Flower Accelerator *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, the updated product is the ProSource 100W Mother Keeper
We are now offering a special supplemental light called the Flower Accelerator that does just what the name implies. We are creating a pure spectrum of light that acts as a synergy effect to compound the effects of flowering at a 10X equivalency. This specially designed light duplicates the effects from the Autumn Effect that allows that far red spectrum through the atmosphere and really enhance your flowering production as well as the overall strength and flavor aspects. Through our initial testing of this supplemental light we have seen yield increase by better than 20%. Again we are the first company to bring a product like this to market so beware of the imitators. You may use this light only during the Flowering Cycle and should be used with the same lighting time cycle as your main overhead light.
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Name ProSource Flower Accelerator *DISCONTINUED*
Brand Pro Source LEDs
MSRP $279.00
Warranty 3 Year
Dimensions 11.5" x 3.5"
Amps .87A
Voltage 120v