ProSource Illuminator Mother Keeper 100W *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, We recommend Spectrum King Mother’s lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light as an alternative.


This item has been discontinued, We recommend Spectrum King Mother’s lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light as an alternative.

Mother Keeper was specifically designed to be used solely with mother plants to promote branching sites that develop future clones for your perpetual garden. This light also is excellent for young clones and seedlings for rapid root system development.

100W Mother Keeper for Mother Plants that are mid-sized, 3-4' tall.

NEW 5-Band Tri-Spectrum gives 4x the Photosynthetic Rate

With the development of "Peak Targeting", Full Spectrum Technology, ProSource 5-Band System targets ALL peak efficiency values. With "Intelligent" Balancing that allows the 5-Band system to be scientifically balanced to provide the proper photosynthetic proportions to power these specific peak bands. For Example, Chlorophyll A, which is responsible for most of a plant's photosynthesis, if given too few of the allocation, will not achieve peak photosynthesis. If you provide too much, Chlorophyll A begins to shut down from overload, while other photosynthetic elements starve due to the under-allocated crucial LED Bands.

The 5-Band Tri-Spectrum design, ProSource can deliver over 95% absorbable light to your plants using the key spectra of Red, Blue, and Infrared. The key wavelengths and design applications is what makes this configuration work so well and this is what other LED Grow Lights on the market will find very difficult to duplicate.


  • Covers 9 square feet
  • Use for 10 Years instead of 2 with HID Bulbs
  • 80% more energy efficient than MH or HPS lamps
  • No additional cooling equipment required
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • Three year warranty

  • Specifications

    Vegetation Cycle only
    Dimensions: 11.5" X 3.5"
    Weight: 15 lbs
    Output Power: 100 Watt - .87 AMPS
    Life Expectancy: 50,000+ hours
    Approved for 24 hour use
    Operating Temperature: -4F to +104F (-20C to +40C)
    Voltage: 110v US / 220v European
    Beam Angle: Varying Degree Angle
    Wavelengths Or Tck: Red 662+, Infrared, Blue
    Color Spectra: Red, Infrared, and Blue
    Diode Configuration: 90 X 1W

    More Information
    Name ProSource Illuminator Mother Keeper 100W *DISCONTINUED*
    Brand Pro Source LEDs
    SKU PS100MK
    MSRP $299.00
    Warranty 3 Year
    Dimensions 11.5" X 3.5"
    Amps 100 Watt - .87 AMPS
    Watts 100w
    Voltage 120v