Pure Essentials - Black Label - Bud B *DISCONTINUED*

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Pure Essentials Black Label Bloom Nutrients are high quality flower nutrients that are designed for ease of use in growing the best plants possible. Black Label Bloom Nutrients can be used in any media.
When your plants begin to flower, their nutritional needs change as dramatically as their appearance. Pure Essentials Black Label Bud A/B™ drives your plants towards their full potential. It’s a professionally blended, two-part nutrient system comprised of the purest raw ingredients available—designed exclusively to max your plants out during the flowering stage! This award-winning plant nutrient stimulates the production of markedly larger and healthier flowers as well as increased aroma and essential oils.

The result of top-quality craftsmanship, decades of testing and painstaking research, this one-of-a-kind premium hydroponics nutrient is renowned by professional growers and keen hobbyists the world over.

Discover the secret weapon of gardeners worldwide. Give your plants the highest quality plant nutrient available and see the difference for yourself!

  • A premium product for growers who refuse to compromise over quality
  • Professionally blended for use with coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool and soil
  • Premium quality nutritional elements deliver total solubility and pH stability for maximum uptake
  • Comes complete with the full spectrum of essential micro and macro nutrients
  • Healthier, heavier flowers
  • Increased aroma
Application: 3-5ml each of A and B per US gallon of water. Mix your nutrient solution well between adding each component. We recommend using R/O water with a TDS below 25ppm. For best results, remember to mix your additives before adding Veg or Bloom base nutrients. Shake well before use.
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Name Pure Essentials - Black Label - Bud B *DISCONTINUED*
Brand Pure Essentials