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    The True First Step To A Healthier Plant - 100% Green & 100% Clean

    FIFRA 25(b), Clean Green, EPA green certification, non-hazardous “0” Osha rating, biodegradable, safe on skin, zero residues.

    PureCrop1 is currently utilized on many agricultural crops and plants such as grapes, peppers, and berries with extremely successful field verification and testimonies.

    PureCrop1 delivers much greener vibrant plant health and mildew insect resistance characteristics (indoor & outdoor).

    PureCrop1 leaves zero toxic residue.


    Eliminates the use of antiquated toxic pesticides or insecticides. Increased purity, health, brix and yield of agricultural related crops and plants are realized. Extremely cost effective; all sizes from 16 ounces to 5-gallon tanks.

    PureCrop1 is derived from renewable plant-based materials such as nuts and seed crops. The product does not contain petroleum distillates or synthetics; including artificial foaming or thickening agents, builders, reagents, dyes, fragrances or microbial ingredients.

    PureCrop1 is truly an environmentally superior product and delivers significant benefits to the professional farmer or anyone growing plants or crops.

    Use PureCrop1 for treating and preventing issues causing crop damage such as two-spotted mites, russet mites, broad mites, thrips, fungus gnats, root & leaf Aphids, white flies, botrytis, powdery mildew, red blotch, fusarium wilt and downy.

    • All natural wetting agent used for increased coverage and effectiveness.
    • Improves the plant’s tolerance to extreme environmental conditions.
    • Enhances the natural pest and disease resistance or systemic acquired resistance (SAR).
    • Improves a plant’s photosynthesis, resulting in a higher level of (brix) production.
    • Improve soil structure and water holding capacity by increasing sugar conductivity.
    • Improves a plant’s sap electrical conductivity and pH for more efficient production.
    • Improves quality, flavor, and elimination of toxic insecticide pesticide residues.
    • Improve storage periods and shelf life of plants, fruit and vegetables.
    • Reduces plant stress.
    • Improves seedling vigor for better overall germination success.
    • Increase crop yield.
    • Shorten crop growth cycles due to greater plant efficiencies.

    Provide farm workers with a safe non-hazardous and non-toxic environment, from planting through harvesting. Zero mask or gloves required. Safe for use by humans and animals, while being beneficial to the environment. An all-around safer and more productive means of increasing crop production than is available from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).


    • Apply PureCrop1 with an atomizer or other low-micron (<50) misting system
    • Treatment: 2oz. per gallon every 2-3 days
    • Prevention: 1oz. per gallon twice per week/as needed
    • Shake well after mixing and before every use
    • Thoroughly spray leaves and vines – including under leaves from start to harvest
    • Best results are achieved by spraying early morning and late evening

    FIFRA 25(b), Clean Green, EPA green certification, non-hazardous “0” Osha rating, biodegradable, safe on skin, zero residue.

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