Vegamatrix Veganix

  1. $28.70

    Purelife Veganix combines superior chemistry with fermentation for the ultimate VEGANIC plant nutrient thats over 95% natural ingredients. Learn More
  2. $21.70

    Vegamatrix Bloom is designed with flowering, fruiting and budding plants in mind. Combining Vegamatrix Bloom with Boost and Grow will enhance its effectiveness. Learn More
  3. $24.15

    Vegamatrix Boost is designed to be a stand-alone Ca-Mg supplement compatible with all base nutrients Learn More
  4. $38.15

    Food grade enzymatic complex additive, converts unavilable nutrients, dead roots and other organic matter info usable bio-available food for your plants. Learn More
  5. $31.15

    Amp-It Micros + Aminos is designed to amend the nutrition for crops in high-yield situations. This precise blend of naturally mined minerals, plant extracts and amino acids will also aid plants in acheiving increased metabolism. Learn More
  6. $62.65

    Use Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic to augment growth on all flowering plants. Cytokine stimulates cell and stem growth for harder stems and shorter nodal spaces. Learn More
  7. $58.27

    Starter Kit contains 1 each 200ml Grow, Bloom, Boost, Prime Zyme, Amp-It, Hard n Quick. Perfect for up to four plants from seed through harvest. Learn More
  8. $30.84

    Bloom Booster Veganic, and safe for use with all nutrient lines include Vegamatrix. North Atlantic Cold Water Kelp Extract, Vitamin B-1 Yucca Extract, simple and complex carbohydrates dramatically increase your plants production of essential oils, terpenoids and phenols. Learn More
  9. $56.57

    A Paenibacillus polymyxa species, cultured for its ability to aid each plant in reaching its full GENETIC POTENTIAL. This universal bacterium is one of a kind and HIGHLY EFFICIENT simultaneously fixing nitrogen, solubilizing phosphates and releasing potassium. Use pHyre with any nutrient system calling for microbes including Vegamatrix. Learn More

Vegamatrix plant nutrients combine the best of science with the best of nature. Vegamatrix nutrients are over 95% natural and organic. Working with our team of organic chemists and horticulture experts we have created the very first line of easy to use Veganic nutrients using plant based nutrition without a majority of chemicals found in other veganic nutrients. Vegamatrix provides nutrition that is nearly 100% bio-available and Veganic: contains no animal derived ingredients.