RAW Calcium/Mag 9-0-0 - 8 oz

RAW Calcium/Mag is a fully soluble plant supplement which contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium. RAW Calcium/Mag is a great way to supplement any feeding program. an 8 oz package makes up to 800 gallons

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Name RAW Calcium/Mag 9-0-0 - 8 oz
Brand NPK Industries
SKU 717863
Size: 8 oz
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RAW Calcium/Mag contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium. RAW Calcium/Mag has optimized the ratio of each element in a Water soluble formulation of calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate so that it doesn’t leave the media salty. This product is a stand alone Calcium / Mag supplement. Do to its low dilution rates a little RAW Calcium / Mag goes a long ways. Its also ideal for preventing deficiencies, treating deficiencies and for creating optimal recipe solutions. Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.

How to Tell if You have a calcium Deficiency

Leaf tips and margins begin to wither and die back and new groweth is often deformed.

Raw Soluble Recipe

aAdd 1/4 tsp Raw Calcium/Mag (15% Calcium) plus 1/4 tsp RAW ominA per gallon of solution. Apply every other watering to plants with deficiency.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Raw Calcium/Mag 1 to 2 times a week through times of rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower production. Mix rate - 1/8 tsp per gallon of solution. For optimal results apply RAW ominA in conjuction with Raw Calcium/Mag ominA Mix rate 1/8 tsp per gallon of solution.