Reflective Material
Looking to maximize your lighting potential? Surrounding your plants with reflective materials can increase their photosynthesis rate.

  1. A waterproof alternative to metalized film for grow areas. Heavy-duty plastic, 5.5 mil, Easy to handle, BLACK side - for sealing in light, WHITE side - for reflection. Learn More
  2. Quickly divide a room into lightproof sections with professional-grade fabric zipper door that is easily installed as an entry/exit door to a grow room features super durable material, tape-friendly borders, a high quality light-blocking zipper, and reflective material on the interior side. For extra protection against light pollution, the Black Hatch Zipper Door also has a heavy-duty fabric layer covering the zipper on the reflective side. Insulative design helps maintain desired grow room temperatures. 57½"W x 96"H
    • Easy to install—use Xtreme Duty tape (sold separately)
    • Reflective material on inside insulates and reflects light
    • Helps maintain grow room temperatures
    Learn More