Replacement Bulb for OZN-1 & DL OZN-1 - Single Bulb

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    Replacement ozone bulb for air purification. Comes in a pack with one single replacement bulb.
    The C.A.P. OZN-1 Ozone Generator & DL Wholesale OZN-1 attack and neutralizes odors. They eliminate odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, pets, cooking and damp basements by generating ozone (03) - one of the most powerful oxidizers available. O3 doesn't just mask odors, it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts to CO2 and oxygen. Ozone output is 1000 mg/hr. It comes complete with a 3 year warranty (6 months on the bulb) Good for deodorizing up to 5500 square feet.

    This replacement bulb works for both the C.A.P. OZN-1 Ozone Generator and the DL OZN-1 UV Ozone Generator.
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    NameReplacement Bulb for OZN-1 & DL OZN-1 - Single Bulb
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