Revolution Microelectronics

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Revolution Micro is proud to bring new levels of innovation, quality and precision to controlled environment agriculture. All Revolution products are completely designed and engineered in-house from the ground-up—no copies or clones! Everything is manufactured at our ISO-certified, automotive and aerospace qualified factory in Thailand. All parts are sourced and traceable to ISO standards. With over 250,000 electronic products delivered, we are proud of our perfect record of zero customer returns in 2014, zero in 2015, and a total of six (6) pieces in 2016 (out of tens of thousands). In short, we are as obsessive about quality as you are!

Previously this level of engineering had been the exclusive reserve of navigation, avionic and life-safety systems. Now indoor growers and stakeholders can predict, produce and protect huge financial returns from their indoor growing facilities, building a solid foundation for consistent delivery of high-value crops and ongoing expansion. Revolution’s audio and industrial products are also getting solid reviews from OEMs and consumers alike, and Revolution control systems are currently operating in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia.