Root Stimulators
Root Stimulators give your plant an abundance of healthy, white, and fuzzy roots. Some of our most popular root stimulators include: Roots Excelurator and Rapidstart
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  1. $35.71

    DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder is a unique, root-enhancing formula made to grow and maintain massively healthy root systems throughout the growing season. DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder is made with nitrogen, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosom), and symbiotic fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) to ensure your plants never run out of critical nutrients from their early grow phase to their final yield. Learn More
  2. $240.00

    Makes over 700 gallons of plant ready nutrients and includes both our micro products strong enough to grow roots on a bowling ball. 100g Atomic Root Powder, 200g Bio Minerals, 1000g Grow, 2000g Base, and 2000g Bloom. Learn More
  3. $20.00

    RADIX - Laboratory Grade Plant Rooting Stimulator

    Radix has been carefully developed to include humic, fulvic, amino acids, protein hydrolysate, and a few other proprietary ingredients that act as beneficial natural biostimulants. No other rooting compound on the market is known to combine all of these ingredients into a stable solution specifically designed for crop specific root promotion.

    Learn More
  4. $12.94

    Comeback Formula ( 2 - 0.2 - 0.3 ) Bush Doctor® Boomerang™ lends a hand when the stresses of temperature fluctuations, unintentional neglect, and mineral salt build up knock your beauties down for the count. Learn More
  5. $30.67

    Rooting stimulator ideal for stem cuttings that have begun root development. Learn More
  6. $62.49

    Root Enhancer, Growth Stimulator. Premium level nutrient complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive for use during the seeding, growth, and early bloom phases. High bio availability and fast absorbsion for development of seedlings, cuttings, clones, and during transplantation. Learn More
  7. $49.74

    Rock Nutrients SuperCharge Root Tonic can be used in soil, coco, or hydro, and ensures maximum root growth. Also helps out with root problems including root rot and delivery of oxygen to the root zone. Learn More
  8. $22.84

    Water soluble formula for encouraging rooting, late flowering & ripening Learn More
  9. $66.65

    A multi-function additive that acts as a root protector, root promoter, antiprecipitate, and drop cleaner all in one. Learn More
  10. $30.60

    Delivers nutrients directly to plant's roots! Pushes nutrient through outer cell walls! Stabilizes pH! Learn More
  11. $37.71

    A hormone free root growth tonic that ensures healthy root development and maximum nutrient uptake during all phases of growth and bloom. Learn More
  12. $29.59

    100% Natural Ingredients. Best for All Soil Mediums, coco, peat moss, forest humus. Helps increase root growth and protect them from bacteria and fungi. Can help cure root rot. Natural and organic compounds provides diverse and powerful microbe rich formula. Learn More
  13. $44.89

    Kangaroots®, Microbe Brew® & Sledgehammer® for total root care. Learn More
  14. $16.19

    Hormex Absolutely Stops Planting Shock! Promotes Vigorous Growth! Great as a Pre-Planting Dip for Cloning Plants; Guaranteed Planting & Cloning Success! Keeps Cut Flowers Fresh! Makes Indoor Plants Thrive! Learn More
  15. $18.03

    Rooting Formula for all growing media types Learn More

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Root Stimulators are additives that help increase the growth rate and size of your plant's roots. Typically used during the early phases of growth to promote root growth, but can be used for the plant's entire growth cycle, a root stimulator helps plants absorb more nutrients and grow faster on account of the increased structural support in the root zone. Root stimulants can also be helpful in combatting root rot.