RX Green Solutions Root - Beneficial Microbes

Protect, strengthen, defend roots with a symbiotic relationship with high quality biological inoculant and soil amendment with Myconate (formononetin) to stimulate organisim colonization.

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Name RX Green Solutions Root - Beneficial Microbes
Brand RX Green Solutions
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RX Green Solutions ROOT is a fully soluble biological inoculant and soil amendment to promote beneficial bacterial colonization at the roots. Containing eight different beneficial microbes, these natural bacteria convert nitrogen and phosphorus to simpler forms, which improves nutrient uptake by the plant. ROOT enhances root growth, development and promotes plant health by improving soil fertility and plant nutrition. ROOT also contains Myconate (formononetin), a technology proven to stimulate colonization of beneficial root organisms.

How does ROOT work?

1. Beneficial Bacteria help out the soil/root bond

Seven different strains of highly concentrated natural bacteria come in to help out:
  • absorb nitrogen from the air in the soil and break it down into nitrate and ammonia, making these essential elements easier for uptake by the plants root system.
  • solubilize otherwise insoluble phosphorous molecules in the soil which increases the availability of this macro nutrient.

  • 2. Myconate rallys the troops

    The Myconate (Formononetin) technology is a signaling molecule that activates bacteria colonization on the plant's roots as well as stimulating the growth of mycorrhizal fungi when present in the soil.

    *Mycorrhizal fungi are important because they form a symbiotic relationship with the plant's roots: they provide nutrients to the plants and assist in water uptake, while the plant's roots emit sugars and carbs needed by the bacteria.

    3. Trichoderma defends roots

    Trichoderma is a fungal spore that acts like a bacteria and defends the plants root system from attack by pathogens in the soil.

    Note: Orders for the 1 lb and 5 lb packages require two to four weeks.