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Organic liquid kelp and other seaweed-based fertilizers boost plant health and help plants deal with environmental stressors such as heat, cold, wind, drought, and disease. Elements found in organic seaweed fertilizers include magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen—all of which are beneficial to plants. Seaweed has been used by growers for thousands of years and there are several species of seaweed commonly used for fertilizing plants. Most seaweed-based fertilizers are made from a variety of seaweed called kelp which can grow to lengths of over 150 feet.

Seaweed has more than 70 minerals, vitamins, and enzymes and has beneficial and essential elements and plant growth hormones that encourage your plants to draw nutrients more effectively from the soil or nutrient solution. Liquid kelp fertilizer is an excellent source of cytokinins and auxins, two essential plant growth hormones as well as containing natural chelating agents, and amino acids. Foliar application is the most efficient and effective method of administering liquid seaweed to your plants. Kelp extracts are 8 to 20 times more effective when applied to the leaves than when broadcast on the soil. They can also be used as a rooting solution and soaking seeds in seaweed extract reduces transplant shock and benefits the roots.

Benefits of Sseaweed and Kelp fertilizers

  • Many fruits become sweeter
  • Veggies are less prone to softening and often grow larger
  • Increases flower production on flowering plants
  • Increases overall plant resilience to disease
  • Cut flowers stay fresh longer
  • Encourages root growth, both in rate and root mass
  • Fruits and vegetables survive longer post-harvest if treated with seaweed fertilizer pre-harvest