Sentinel DEC-4 Digital Environmental Controller *DISCONTINUED*

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Comes With:
  • New remote combination temperature humidity and light level sensor allows users to take accurate plant-level readings up to 15' away from the DEC-4 base unit.
  • Heavy gauge #14 AWG cables and wire.
  • Super-duty 30-amp relays for long life.
  • Power switch and re-settable 15-amp circuit breaker provides over-current protection.
  • 100% digital Temperature
  • Easy to use pushbuttons that are simple to understand

  • Separate Day / Night Cooling setpoints.
  • Separate Day / Night Heating setpoints.
  • Separate Day / Night Humidity setpoints.
  • Minimum / Maximum recall of temperature and humidity readings.
  • Temperature: Two independent outputs to control cooling and heating with separate Day and Night settings for each.
  • Humidity: Can either increase or decrease the amount of humidity inside the area with separate Day and Night settings.
  • CO2 Coordination: Allows for basic coordination of CO2 enrichment with daytime settings, ventilation cycles etc. This allows for increased growth, lower cost of CO2 enrichment as well as lower power consumption in your garden. Manufacturer set CO2 enrichment at 1250ppm.

How to use:
  • The unit comes with a metal bracket that is first attached to a wall. Secure the bracket to the wall with 2 screws. Then use the 2 thumb screws to secure the enclosure to the bracket.
  • The unit requires a 15-amp power supply. Plug the power cable into a standard Nema 5-15 wall outlet. The built-in circuit breaker will protect the unit from overloads.
  • The device(s) that will be controlled by the DEC-4 must be 15-amp or less COMBINED load. Cooling, Heating, Humidity and CO2 devices each have their own receptacle. The CO2 receptacle will activate a CO2 device independently or coordinated with cooling devices and built-in light sensor.

  • Cooling devices such as ventilation fans or air-conditioners connect to the Temperature Device.
  • A humidifier or dehumidifier can have searate Day and Night settings and is connected to the Humidity Device receptacle.
  • Heaters for cooler climate greenhouses connect to the Heating Device receptacle.
  • Connect your CO2 generator or compressed CO2 solenoid/regulator assembly to the CO2

Power Supply Voltage 120 V~ / 60 Hz
Circuit Breaker Rating 15A / 120V~
Temperature Operating Range 0'C/32'F to 49'C/120'F
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1'C/1.5'F
rH Operating Range 0-95% rH
rH Accuracy +/- 3% rH
Temp / rH Hysterisis User Selectable
Temp / rH Control Independent or Connected
Temp / CO2 Control Independent or Connected
Dimensions 8" x 6.5" x 3.1"
More Information
Name Sentinel DEC-4 Digital Environmental Controller *DISCONTINUED*
Brand Sentinel
MSRP $264.95
Warranty 3 Year
Voltage 120v
Amps 15A
ETL Listed Yes