SmartBee Stinger Smart Plug SS1 - 1 Controllable Outlet

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SmartBee Stinger™ - single networked Smart Plug. Equipment plugged into the Stinger Smart Plug can be controlled locally by the Hive Gateway and remotely by the SmartBee app.

The SmartBee™ Stinger Smart Plug™ allows for wireless control of anything that can be plugged into an electrical outlet. It is a single receptacle power controller that wirelessly integrates into your system putting the control of any device that is plugged into it right in your hands. The SmartBee™ SmartPlugs and SmartStrip power controllers create a wireless pathway of functionality in your grow room system that can all be controlled from The SmartBee™ Hive Gateway™ or your preferred mobile device with your own user defined settings.

Among the SmartBee™ Plug-n-Play Networking family, the Stinger Smart Strip™ 4 integrates with the Hive Gateway™ to centralize input from multiple SmartBee™ Smart Plugs for an energy management solution. Load consumption information from attached electrical devices can be communicated for monitoring or control of all attached appliances. Information including on/off status, operating range and erratic behavior can be determined and used to initiate subsequent actions, such as powering on or off a device. A key benefit is more efficient usage of energy, resulting in decreased costs.


  • Powers devices up to 15 amps
  • Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery for uninterrupted service.
  • Wireless data transmission for "Real-Time" environmental readings.
  • Easily installs into any garden configuration.
  • Industrial-grade, machine-to-machine wireless mesh network technology (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Integrate with multiple LTH or LTH+CO2 sensors for individual and aggregate sensor data logging
  • Sturdy plastic construction for free-hanging or wall-mount installation.
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    Name SmartBee Stinger Smart Plug SS1 - 1 Controllable Outlet
    Brand SmartBee
    SKU SB100105
    MSRP $528.30
    Warranty 1 Year
    Voltage 120-240v