SmartBee Stinger Smart Strip SS4 - 4 controllable outlets

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    Wireless Power Strip with 4 smart independently controlled outlets. Equipment plugged into your Smart Power Strip can be controlled locally by the Hive Gateway and remotely by the SmartBee app.

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    The SmartBee Stinger Smart Strip 4 replaces your current power strip with our smarter one. The Stinger Smart Strip™ 4 lets you turn up to 4 electronic devices on or off independently from anywhere. You can set schedules for your garden's environmental and other grow appliances, and control them remotely using a simple mobile internet connection. The Stinger Smart Strip™ 4 is an intelligent outlet that affords wireless control of humidifiers, exhaust fans, heaters, CO2 and more. Power failure detection, active electrical current monitoring, and fail-safe features make this power strip far better than any competing units on the market today. In fact, you can also add additional Stinger Smart Strip™ products to your garden for even greater control of appliances via your iPad!

    Among the SmartBee™ Plug-n-Play Networking family, the Stinger Smart Strip™ 4 integrates with the Hive Gateway™ to centralize input from multiple SmartBee™ Smart Plugs for an energy management solution. Load consumption information from attached electrical devices can be communicated for monitoring or control of all attached appliances. Information including on/off status, operating range and erratic behavior can be determined and used to initiate subsequent actions, such as powering on or off a device. A key benefit is more efficient usage of energy, resulting in decreased costs.
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    NameSmartBee Stinger Smart Strip SS4 - 4 controllable outlets
    Warranty1 Year
    Voltage120-240v FREE ShippingYes