Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Soil 2 cu ft

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    Great for pots, hanging baskets, patio planters and raised beds. The combination of coconut fibers (coir) and Canadian sphagnum peat moss gives your outdoor container plants the advantage of water retention against constant exposure to heat, wind & sun.
    Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil is the sustainable solution for container gardens in arid climates or wherever water is in short supply. Its unique ability to retain large amounts of water means you water less often, which helps conserve water throughout the season. If you've had difficulties keeping your vegetables hydrated during the hot summer months, don't give up on growing your own food. Give it another try with this potting soil, which is carefully blended to provide ample moisture at the root zone.

    Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soill is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute, which means it passes the stringent definitions for an all organic product. Use it with confidence to grow vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. Better yet, grow them in the same containers as your annual flowers!

    The structure of Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil is a combination of sphagnum peat moss and an innovative byproduct of coconut processing, coir. Coir is a finely ground fibrous material that acts much like a sponge to absorb up to nine times it's own volume. This means that much of the water you apply won't run out the bottom of the pot, but is held within the root zone. Coir is unlike other forms of organic matter that pack down when wet, and with the addition of pumice to further aerate the soil, you're assured it is always well drained. The ability to balance drainage with water holding capacity is the greatest challenge, so that roots find the moisture and oxygen they need every day.

    The integration of generous amounts of earthworm castings makes this soil naturally fertile. Castings boost microorganism populations vital to plant health. When soil and organic matter passes through an earthworm's body it is changed into phosphate, potash, nitrogen, magnesium and calcium. These macro and other micro-nutrients arrive in a form immediately available to plants.

    The most important contribution of earthworm castings are the microbes they contain. These originate in the digestive tract of the worm where bacteria and fungi aid in the decomposition process. When castings are added to potting soil they introduce the organisms that colonize to make it bioactive. Microbes thrive in this moist, coir-peat blend, interacting with your plant roots for more efficient uptake of moisture and nutrients.

    Where heat, low humidity and arid winds dry out potting soils too quickly, this product will transform your gardening experience. It is among the best fillers for raised beds because it is far less prone to dry pockets than other soil mixes. The lower layers are less likely to pack down, thus avoiding impeded drainage and the black rot it causes.

    Coir's long term moisture retention helps plants cope with sudden weather changes by ensuring there is enough water held in the root zone to quickly compensate for losses. This is vital where prevailing dry breezes dehydrate hanging baskets due to the looser weave of coco fiber basket liners. Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend potting soil is the best choice for returning finicky begonias, fuchsias and ferns to dry climate patio gardens.
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