Solis Tek

Solis Tek Digital Ballasts are the most technologically advanced grow light ballasts in the indoor gardening industry. Solis Tek ballasts are tuned to have a high frequency with low total harmonic distortion. The Solis Tek Matrix ballast is the flagship ballast incorporating remote control operation, built in digital timer, LCD screen, ignition control (ballast sequentially light up when electricity load is most stable), and a ballast life timer. The Solis Tek ballast also have their proprietary SenseSmart technology that runs self-diagnostic checks for open ouput, high/low temperature, ignition failure, thermal, end of lamp life, overflow current, over/low voltage, and short circuit. Solis Tek Digital Ballasts also have Solis Boost Overdrive that overdrives the lamp intensity by 5% without reducing the life of your bulb. All Solis Tek Digital Ballasts come with a 5 year warranty. Check out the Solis Tek A1 Double Ended DE Complete Light System 120/240V with 2100 umol output and incredible light uniformity.