Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

An affordable replacement for older type lamps that use more power, Spectrum King LED grow lights boost performance in all plant stages. Small, economical LEDs aid in mothering while bigger fixtures promote lush vegetative growth and flowering. Learn More
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Mother’s Lil Helper LED lights from Spectrum King in 100W and 140W variations power seedlings and clones to faster growth. They emit white full-spectrum light, as do all Spectrum King LED fixtures. The 140W fixture can replace eight Bulb T5 units, 315W CMH fixtures & 400W MH lights.

The Spectrum King SK402 LED Grow Light is a 460W fixture with a 120-degree reflector that’s finished in white to increase intensity at the edges of the footprint. The Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light is a 610W fixture. Both are suitable for all plant stages and are rated for IP65 water resistance. A dimmer is available for the SK602.

Spectrum King LED grow lights are guaranteed for 90% or better light output for three years with regular use and five years for mechanical components, including parts and labor.


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