Sunmaster Blue Ice Enhanced Performance MH Lamps 400W 5500K

Blue Ice Grow Lamps emit light from 5,500°K, imitating the natural look of daylight. They are an ideal light source for the seedling and vegetative stages of plant growth, while still emitting a wide spectral distribution. Sunmaster M400 U37 5.5K

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Additional Information

Name Sunmaster Blue Ice Enhanced Performance MH Lamps 400W 5500K
Brand Sunmaster
SKU 901800
UPC 090444803091
Weight (lbs) 1.3
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 4.6 dia x 11.5 mol
Watts 400w
Kelvin Rating: 5000 K
Lumens 60,000
MSRP $123.95
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Sunmaster® Blue Ice Metal Halide Lamps surpass many other HID sources in PAR watts - the most objective measurement of total light energy available for photosynthesis. Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts.

Proper lighting is a key ingredient in promoting robust, healthy growth as well as meeting the needs of various plant growth phases through optimized spectral outputs. Sunmaster® provides the largest, most comprehensive supply of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. Simply stated, Sunmaster® lamps deliver intense light output with nutritional spectral values.

  • Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts
  • Maximum blue for seedling and vegetative growth
  • Sufficient orange-red for stem elongation and flowering
  • Ideal lamp for display purposes
  • Imitates daylight
  • Balanced spectral output
  • Long life

  • Specifications:

    PART NUMBER: 80309-NA
    ANSI CODE: M59/E
    Bulb Shape: ED37
    Base Type: Mogul (E39)
    PAR WATTS: 110
    Life Hours: 15,000
    Operating Position: Universal