Sunmaster Red Sunrise Standard MH Grow Lamp 1000W 3200K - Bulb Up

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    SUNMASTER Red Sunrise Grow Lamps emit balanced light similar to a 3000° Kelvin source, making them ideal for all phases of plant growth while ensuring more natural growth patterns occur in most species. Its enhanced orange-red component promotes flowering, stem elongation and germination while a rich blue content assures healthy vegetative growth.
    Bulb Up Operating Position - Red Sunrise 3200K
    • Enhanced orange-red component for maximum flowering
    • The best single light source, providing nutritious light for all phases of growth

    Proper lighting is a key ingredient in promoting robust, healthy growth as well as meeting the needs of various plant growth phases through optimized spectral outputs. Sunmaster® provides the largest, most comprehensive supply of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. Simply stated, Sunmaster® lamps deliver intense light output with nutritional spectral values. LAMP DESCRIPTION: SM.100W.BU37.3.2K

    Rated Wattage: 1000
    Base Type: Mogul (E39)
    HID Type: Metal Halide
    Rated Initial Lumens: 115,000
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Bulb Orientation: Universal
    Bulb Shape: BT37
    Average Rated Life Hours: 12,000
    Color Temp: 3200K

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    NameSunmaster Red Sunrise Standard MH Grow Lamp 1000W 3200K - Bulb Up
    Alternate SKU/MPN901830
    Weight (lbs).6
    Warranty1 Year
    Dimensions4.6 dia x 11.5 MOL
    Kelvin Rating3200K
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