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    Prevents and inhibits Downy & Powdery Mildew Pathogens. Uses natural geranium oil plant extract as a fungicide to prevent spores from colonizing and mildew from spreading. Kills mildew at the source.
    Supreme Growers Banish prevents and inhibits Downy & Powdery Mildew Pathogens. Supreme Growers Banish uses natural geranium oil plant extract as a fungicide to inhibit spores from colonizing and already-established mildew from spreading. Supreme Growers Banish kills mildew at the source, where it is anchored into the plant. Spray the tops and bottoms of your plants with Supreme Growers Banish for best effect.

    Supreme Growers Banish Details:

    • Geranium oil naturally degrades with no residue within 1 day
    • Can be used safely until the day of harvest
    • Can be used as a preventative
    • Mechanical mode of eradication
    • None systemic
    • Will not harm beneficial insects such as ladybugs or praying mantises
    • Can be used effectively in any sprayer or atomizer
    • Compatible with all nutrient lines

    Supreme Growers Banish Tips for Use:

    • Dilute 4.0 mL of Supreme Growers Banish per 1 gallon of water
    • Supreme Growers Banish should be foliar sprayed directly onto the mildew outbreak and areas affected by powdery or downy mildew
    • To reduce the chance of burning, raise grow lamps and do not use Supreme Growers Banish directly under intense lighting
    • If outdoors, do not apply Supreme Growers Banish during peak sun; apply during the morning or evening
    • Apply Supreme Growers Banish to infected areas 2 - 4 times every 5 - 7 days apart. To prevent mildew outbreaks, apply Supreme Growers Banish every 14 days
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