TDS Monitor Model SMS410

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The SMS 410 Smart TDS Monitor allows you to continuously monitor Total Disssolved Solids directly in your aquatic environment. Features include: a user selectable set point, visual LED alarm when readings go below the set point and easy single-point manual calibration. Powered by the included 12VDC adapter the meter is also supplied complete with a TDS electrode.Some of the SMS 410's features include:Large and easy to read LCDLow CostEasy to UseUser Selectable Alarm set pointTDS Electrode Included SPECIFICATIONRANGE - 0 to 1999 ppmRESOLUTION - 1 ppmACCURACY - 2% Full ScaleCALIBRATION - Manual 1 pointSET POINT RANGE - 700 - 1800 ppmALARM - Active when reading is Lower then set pointELECTRODE - MA812/2 (included)POWER SUPPLY - 12VDC Adapter

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Name TDS Monitor Model SMS410
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