La Crosse Temperature & Humidity Wireless Alert System - Text & Email Function - New App-Based Model: 926-25101-WGB *DISCONTINUED*

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  • Remotely monitor sensors 24/7 using a web browser*. Perfect for...Backyard temperature and humidity; Plants, gardens and greenhouses; Refrigerators, freezers; Food storage; Sensitive electronics; Outdoor pets and livestock; and so much more
  • Temperature and humidity measures: (1) Ambient air temperature; (2) Ambient humidity; (3) Probe temperature
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 140°F
  • Includes: sensor, internet gateway with LAN cable & AC adapter, DRY probe
  • Requires 2 AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)

  • Protect people, pets, plants and valuables from dangerous temperatures and humidity with an affordable, easy to use remote monitor and alert system.

    La Crosse Alerts™ Temperature and Humidity Monitor by La Crosse Technology® sends custom text and e-mail alerts to notify you when the temperature or humidity exceeds your desired range, when the battery is low, or when the connection is lost.

    Low temperature alerts can help you prevent damage from frozen pipes, freezer burn, and protect sensitive plants and animals from harsh conditions. High alerts can help you prevent mold and mildew, prevent food spoilage, and protect plants, animals and electronics from overheating.

    La Crosse Alerts is your home’s homepage: Use the online control panel for 24/7 monitoring anywhere with Internet. View current readings or a 7 day history graph. Change alert settings anytime or download the measurement log.

    You can also view current air temperature, relative humidity and probe temperature readings on the sensor’s LCD. Monitor the temperature of wet or dry environments with a separate probe. Add up to 5 sensors for other areas within a 200 Ft wireless range.

    There are a wide variety of applications. Monitor:

  • Backyard temperature and humidity,
  • plants and gardens,
  • pets or livestock,
  • refrigerators and freezers,
  • food storage,
  • terrariums,
  • books, documents and photos,
  • basements, garages, and attics
  • computers and servers,
  • office or rentals,
  • HVAC, wine storage,
  • home brewing
  • and humidors.
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    NameLa Crosse Temperature & Humidity Wireless Alert System - Text & Email Function - New App-Based Model: 926-25101-WGB *DISCONTINUED*
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