Tents By Size
Locate the best tent for your growing needs. We have over 50 different options in our tents-by-size category including GroLab, Secret Jardin, HydroHut, and SunHut.

  1. Indoor Greenhouse by Sun Hut. This line features new lightweight, light-tight exterior with highly reflective silver lining, 4 "cinch tie" ducting sleeves, 1 "cinch tie" cord/tubing port, full width front door (4x4 & 4x8 models have a U shaped rear door allowing for total access to your plants). Learn More
  2. 44.4in x 44.4in x 79in Perfect for growers who have extremely limited growing space like a closet or small corner of an apartment. With this Sun Hut, you can still have an indoor garden overflowing with plants! Learn More
  3. Sun Hut Big Easy 80 - 4.3 ft x 2.8 ft x 6.5 ft tent is enclosed greenhouse that have a durable, lightweight and light-tight 190D outer material with a highly reflective interior surface. The Big Easy® has reinforced stitching in high wear areas and has a new improved zipper creating a rugged and durable grow environment. Learn More
  4. The Sun Hut Big Easy 4x4 tent is large enough to fit the largest growing trays on the market and has a have a u-shaped rear door for total access to your growing space. Learn More
  5. SunHut Big Easy Tent is large enough to fit the largest growing trays on the market 4 ft x 8 ft model is 113" x 57" x 79". Learn More

Try our great selection of grow tents sizes from 2' x 2' to 10' x 20' and everything in between. We have the best Grow Tents available to fit every growing need. Our tents-by-size categories have over 50 different configurations for your application. Choose from popular brands such as Gorilla Grow Tents, Grolab, Secret Jardin and our in-house brand Plant House!! These tents have solid construction and heavy-duty zippers to ensure that your environment is sealed and thriving.