Titan Controls CO2 Rain System

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    Titan Controls CO2 Rain System will make it rain CO2 onto your garden to help promote vigorous growth and high yields. This is essential in creating the optimal CO2 environment.
    The CO2 Rain System showers your plants with CO2! Just affix the eye screws in the ceiling, slide the black laser drilled tubing through the eye screws, attach the plastic tubing from your CO2 Regulator and you've got CO2 raining down on your plants. This is a very effective and efficient way to enrich your growing environment with CO2!

    The CO2 Rain System kit includes:
  • 25 feet of 3/16" laser drilled tubing
  • 3/16" plastic ( T ) fitting
  • 6 eye screws
  • Instructions for use
  • Made in the USA!

  • Apollo CO2 Rain System Instructions Guide PDF

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