Tenti WiFi Grow Tent Controller

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Tenti Controller automatically looks after the climate in your grow tent to keep your plants happy. It also lets you check on your Grow from your phone, from wherever you are.

The TomatoTent Controller is a stand-alone controller with a built-in fan. The controller has a touch screen display that tells you the temperature and humidity inside your tent, so you always know if it's in the right range. If the temperature goes too high, the fan will speed up to pump more air through the system and keep your plants cool.

The system comes with a powerful, hyper-efficient Fan. It is being used in Bitcoin miners and as powerful as a 4-inch hydroponic fan while using only about 30% of the electricity. If you're worried if the carbon filters will remove all the smell, here's the answer: Yes, they can remove all the smell, but you need to use them correctly. The slower the air travels through the filter, the more the smell gets removed.

This controller keeps the fan running as slow as possible ... letting the air travel slowly through the filter. Now the filter has enough time to do its magic.
Only if the tent gets warm, the fan will speed up. Trying to keep the temps in the optimal range for plant growth.
This speed controlled fan also makes your system quiet. Especially at night (lights off), you don't need that much airflow. The fan will run real slow and the system is quiet. So it won't annoy you.

You can also use 2 carbon filters with this system, adding an extra layer of security. The carbon filters are standard 4-inch filters. For example this one


  • WiFi-enabled (software updates only, currently) touch-screen controller
  • Intelligent, speed-controlled fan
  • Temperature / Humidity sensor


  • 6.2" x 3.9" x 2.3" (Controller)
  • 7.5" x 7.35" x 7.35" (Fan w/ 4" ports)
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Automatic Fan Speed Control

Like an automatic aircon system in a car, Tenti manages airflow based on temperature and humidity inside your Grow Tent.

If the tent warms up, the fan will run faster to pump more air and keep the temperature down. If it gets cooler (perhaps when the light is off), the fan slows down. 

That will reduce noise and energy consumption. But the fan never fully stops because that could lead to stale, humid air inside the tent.

Your own Fan Speed settings

Set the system to work with the volume of your tent size.

Find the recommended settings in the FAQs on this webpage (bottom).

Set a Target-Temperature

Tell the system a temperature, and it will aim to hold that.

If it gets warmer inside the tent, it will increase the fan speed to keep the plants happy. If the temps drop in your tent, the fan slows down to reduce noise and conserve energy.

Set a Max-Humidity

If (air) humidity goes too high, your plants may not like it.

Set a maximum humidity level (for example 70%). Now the runs faster if it goes that high. The increased airflow then potentially lowers humidity.

Turns your Grow Light On and Off

The timer switch turns your light on/off automatically. You can use the touch screen to set the day and night duration as you wish. For example 12hrs on / 12hrs off.

Grow Light Dimmer Function

If your grow light supports dimming (0-10V), Tenti can change the brightness of your light.

Between 0-100% via the touch screen.

Simulates Sunrise and Sunset

Tenti will not just abruptly switch the LED Grow Light on and off.

It will simulate a slow sunrise and a slow sunset like in nature.

So your plants are less stressed and grow better.

(your grow light needs to support Dimming)

Intuitive Photoperiod Display

This shows you quickly ‘where’ in the current Photoperiod you are and how much is left.

Precise, Swiss-made Climate Sensor 

Place this Sensor inside your grow tent. 

It constantly measures Temperature and (Air-) humidity. So the system knows if it gets too warm or too humid.

The sensor is made by the company ‘Sensirion’ of Switzerland and designed to stay precise for many years.

SmartPhone app (optional)

You could use your smartphone to check on your Grow Tent while you’re away. 

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing what’s happening.

(Home Wifi network needed)

 *This function is currently free of charge, but in the future will cost about $2/months)

Historical Climate Graphs

These graphs let you look at the past climate in your tent.

How warm was it during the grow?  How moist was the air?  

What was the maximum temp … or how cold did it get?

All this is valuable data …. usually hidden from sight. But now you can use it and improve your grow setup and increase yields.

Day Counter

The system counts the days since your grow has started.

Now you always know how old your plant is without having to remember.

Colorful Display

Different colours make this display look good and easy to use. 

Eyesight Protection Button

LED Grow Lights are bright. 

This is (probably) not good for our eyesight.   

We growers tend to open up our grow tent several times daily..

But if you press this button on Tenti, the lamp will dim down to ~10% … and your eyes are protected.

When you’re done tending to your plants, hit the button again to make it bright again.

If you forget, the light will go bright automatically after 15 minutes so your plants don’t miss out.

*This feature needs your grow light needs to support Dimming

Drying Mode

In drying mode, Tenti will provide a continuous, slow airflow that gently dries your product while reducing the mold risk.

Made from Metal

Tenti is made with a metal case. Making it durable and fire-resistant.

Three in-built electrical safety mechanisms

A mechanical fuse will shut off power to the unit in case it draws too much electricity.

The internal power supply will switch off if it overheats.

And the internal power supply will also detect a short circuit and shut off.

Intelligent, digital Fan

The intelligent DC fan uses 50% less energy than the standard AC-powered fans.

It is digitally speed controlled precisely from 5-100%


Tent Size to Fan Recommendations

Your Tent Size

Recommended Fan Size

2 x 2


2 x 4


2.5 x 5


3 x 3


4 x 4


5 x 5


5 x 9


8 x 16


You old fan may work with this

If you own a similar system with a 24V DC Fan, you may be able to keep using your existing Fan.


If this product succeeds, more stuff will come out. For example a CO2 Sensor.

If you connect to Wifi, you will receive software updates with new functions that we may build in the future. So the thing will stay up-to-date longer.


  • 6.2" x 3.9" x 2.3" (Controller)

  • 7.5" x 7.35" x 7.35" (Fan w/ 4" ports)

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