TomatoTent Controller - Stand-Alone Controller

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The TomatoTent Controller is a stand-alone controller and built-in fan with a touchscreen display for monitoring humidity and temperature and controlling your light and the fan.

The TomatoTent Controller is a stand-alone controller with a built-in fan. The controller has a touch screen display that tells you the temperature and humidity inside your tent, so you always know if it's in the right range. If the temperature goes too high, the fan will speed up to pump more air through the system and keep your plants cool.

The system comes with a powerful, hyper-efficient Fan. It is being used in Bitcoin miners and as powerful as a 4-inch hydroponic fan while using only about 30% of the electricity. If you're worried if the carbon filters will remove all the smell, here's the answer: Yes, they can remove all the smell, but you need to use them correctly. The slower the air travels through the filter, the more the smell gets removed.

This controller keeps the fan running as slow as possible ... letting the air travel slowly through the filter. Now the filter has enough time to do its magic.
Only if the tent gets warm, the fan will speed up. Trying to keep the temps in the optimal range for plant growth.
This speed controlled fan also makes your system quiet. Especially at night (lights off), you don't need that much airflow. The fan will run real slow and the system is quiet. So it won't annoy you.

You can also use 2 carbon filters with this system, adding an extra layer of security. The carbon filters are standard 4-inch filters. For example this one


  • WiFi-enabled (software updates only, currently) touch-screen controller
  • Intelligent, speed-controlled fan
  • Temperature / Humidity sensor


  • 6.2" x 3.9" x 2.3" (Controller)
  • 7.5" x 7.35" x 7.35" (Fan w/ 4" ports)
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Name TomatoTent Controller - Stand-Alone Controller
Brand Tomato Tent
Weight (lbs) 8
MSRP $299.00
Dimensions 18" x 7" x 7" (shipped)