Blue Green Fit-Over Goggles

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    This item is discontinued. We recommend Lumii Growroom Glasses or Method Seven Resistance Glasses.

    Growgles offers glasses specifically designed to reduce sodium glare (red/orange) and protect the eye from UV and IR emitted by HPS lighting while removing the sodium glare to allow the grower to see their plants again for the first time.

    Growgles are available in two different frames; the larger "Heavy" frames are designed to protect the eye from the front and sides and can fit over the grower's eye glasses or are worn comfortably by themselves.

    The "Q's" are a more economical frame designed to protect the eye from the front and include removable side shields to protect the eye from the side.

    Includes case and strap.


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    NameBlue Green Fit-Over Goggles
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