Top Must-Haves for Growers

For Growing Aficionados + Connoisseurs

Give the gift of growing to a newbie with the super easy-to-grow Autpot 4-Pot system. Both of you will reap the rewards well past the holiday season.

Love edibles or know someone who does? The Magical Butter Machine is the best gift idea for edible lovers designed to make extracting, activating & mixing  easier than ever before. It’s the most flexible solution to create all kinds of recipes including butters, soups, tinctures, salves, oils, lotions and more -- all from your countertop.

Ready for the next level in hydroponics?  The HLG 100 V2 LED - 100W light paired with the all new, yield-boosting Flavuh 4X Biostimulant makes a great gift!

  1. Common Culture Harvest Bundle
    Common Culture Harvest Bundle

    From $16.84 Regular Price $18.71

    To $600.24 Regular Price $660.63