TotalGrow Solid State Volumetric Lighting LED Light Fixture 155W - PreWired With Cord and plug

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100-277 VAC prewired with 5-15P NEMA plug cord (North America Standard 3 prong style) Less Energy. Faster Growth. Healthier Plants. Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL) next generation LED light emitting diode technology
The TotalGrow TG15A light fixture deliver a high quality light spectrum for optimal plant growth using Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL), a next generation LED light emitting diode technology. Using as little energy as possibly, the TG15A blankets plants with amazingly uniform light in the wavelengths needed most for quick and healthy plant growth. An ideal solution for commercial greenhouses, plan factories, and hydroponic facilities.

Less Energy. Faster Growth. Healthier Plants.

  • 15 Solid State Volumetric Light Packages
  • 155 Watts of Uniform Light
  • Spectrum Optimized for Plant Growth
  • No Moving Parts
  • Non-Toxic - no heavy metal or vapors
  • Easy Installation
  • UL Certified - for damp locations
  • 40,000 Hours Service Life
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

  • Why is SSVL Better than Standard LEDs?

    At the heart of the TotalGrow fixture is proprietary Solid State Volumetric Lighting Technology (SSVL). SSVL Technology provides significant advantage over traditional grow light sources as well as over conventional LED lighting.

  • Volumetric mixing of light to provide optimum light consistency.
  • Specifically designed phosphor mixture to optimize light spectrum for a broad range of plants; we do not use multiple LED colors to approximate a light spectrum.
  • Better control of light patterns through omni-directional light output vs. standard LED directional output.
  • Incredible uniformity of light distribution over the plant grow area, eliminating hot and cold spots that inhibit uniform growth.
  • Replacement for High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Fluorescent and LED grow lights.
  • Environmentally friendly Solid State Lighting Technology. (No heavy metal vapors, HAZMAT materials or neuro-toxins).
  • No expensive light bulbs to replace.


    The TotalGrow spectrum has been critically tailored to meet the greatest needs of growers. The 4:1 ratio of broad-spectrum red:blue light increases the overall efficiency of the light by matching the peaks of the photosynthetic action spectrum while balancing in photomorphogenic requirements of plants. Put simply, this spectrum grows the plant more efficiently while maintaining or improving the way it looks. Our significant blue proportion will encourage plant density and bushiness that a lower proportion will not achieve. The addition of far red (700-750nm) further supports total plant functions while actually enhancing the efficiency of the already photosynthetically efficient wavelengths. This is an ideal balance of blue photons to support the vital functions of a plant, including preventing elongation, developing chlorophyll, increasing coloration and regulating gas exchange, and a broad red peak with about 85% of the total photons for driving the growth of the plant, including a small but important region of far red light to further boost photon efficiencies while supporting key plant functions dependent on far-red sensitive phytochrome pigments.


  • 15 proprietary Solid State Volumetric Light Packages
  • 1 high reflectivity diffuse reflector providing uniform downward lighting
  • 1 heavy aluminum heat sink to provide optimum thermal management and minimize heat buildup
  • (1) 150W power supply with cord and mounting hooks or hangers.

  • SPECS:

  • Fixture Power Draw: 150W
  • Power Frequency of Driver: 47 ~ 63 Hz
  • Power Efficiency: 89.5%
  • Power Factor: .99
  • Operating Temperature: -5F to 130F
  • Operating Humidity: 15% - 90% RH
  • Service Temperature: 75F
  • Projected Service Life: 40,000 hours

  • Please see Total Grow website for warranty information here: Total Grow Support
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    Name TotalGrow Solid State Volumetric Lighting LED Light Fixture 155W - PreWired With Cord and plug
    Brand TotalGrow
    SKU TG15A-11-1003-AA1
    MSRP $799.00
    Warranty 5 Year
    Dimensions H 11" x W 7.5" x L 36"
    Watts 150w
    Voltage 120-277v
    Spectral Blend Full Cycle
    UL Listed Yes