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    The Trimpro Rotor XL Trimmer can trim between 20 to 25 lbs. of wet plant material per hour. The Trimpro Rotor XL Trimming Machine with Workstation helps easily trim your plant material without making a mess, collecting all excess plant material into bag for your trim to be disposed of or reused.
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    The TRIMPRO ROTOR XL is designed to set new standards—not only for faster, gentler, more efficient trimming of your high-value harvest, but for unbeatable value, too!

    Now even the largest harvests gets our unique gentle touch, as the new TRIMPRO ROTOR XL brings the quiet efficiency pioneered by our class-leading Rotor model to high-volume producers favoring the rack drying technique. The TrimPro Rotor XL trimmer’s 6 rotating arms support 24 high-quality, stick- resistant leather fingers, designed to gently move flowers around the non-stick grate, allowing tempered steel blades below to trim leaves carefully and efficiently. TrimPro Rotor XL trimming machine control is optimized with finger and blade speeds individually variable, and adjustable height control for both the finger support arms and cutting head. The clear, hinged, drum-cover further enhances control, increasing visibility to reduce the need for ‘second-pass’ processing. With secondary material falling securely into the workstation’s redesigned catch-bag system, touch-less extraction completes the process, with flowers exiting effortlessly through the unit’s gate, once unlatched.


  • Never put your fingers, gloves or any other body part in contact with the grate, the blade and/or the rotor.
  • Never apply pressure on the grate.
  • Do not use scissors, knives or any instrument above the grate.
  • Safety glasses and gloves are required at all times.
  • Gloves have to be tight enough so they can’t get inside the grate slots. A loose glove is dangerous, beware!
  • To be used in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to or by the TRIMPRO ROTOR XL which is the result of improper use or assembly.


    Mounted machine: 28" Diameter x 52"
    Machine Packaging: 34" x 34" x 29"
    Stand Packaging: 32" x 32" x 17"

    Mounted Machine: 145 Lbs
    Machine only and packaging: 135 Lbs
    Stand only and packaging: 35 Lbs

    Frame: Aluminum
    Blades: Tempered Steel

    Non-Stick Coated Steel
    Standard: Slot size 1/4”(6mm)

    Trimpro Trimming Machine Frequently Asked Questions:

    How Do I clean My Trimpro Machine?
    Use a plastic scraper to collect the pollen build-up. Do not use a metal scraper as it might scratch the coating on the grate and the blade. Use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to finish cleaning it.

    How Do I Clean My Trimpro Bag?
    Soak the bag in warm water, rub off the build up. You can also soak it in rubbing alcohol for a short amount of time, rub off the residue and simply pass it through some running water to finish cleaning it.

    How Do I Adjust The Height Of My Trimpro Blade?
    Blade height adjustment instructions can be found for each machine on their respective instruction sheet.

    How Often Should I Sharpen My Trimpro Blade?
    Trimpro blades are made of tempered steel which makes them very tough and gives them a great lifespan. It is important for the quality of your manicure to keep them sharp. It is manufacturer recommend to have them sharpened every 6 months to every year (highly depending on usage).

    How Do I Sharpen My Trimpro Blade?
    Sharpening the blade on Trimpro trimmers is a simple process. The most important part of the process is that you should not remove the blade from the hub to which it is attached! The tempered steel blades are balanced on the aluminum hub, allowing optimal operation of the trimmers. If the blade is separated from the hub there is no guaranty that the assembly will be balanced when you put it back into the machine. Sharpening instructions can be found for each machine on their respective instruction sheet.

    How Do I Change The Amount Of Air Suction On My Trimpro Machine? On every machine (except the Rotor) you can bend the flaps upwards to reduce their angle. This creates less air displacement, thus decreasing the amount of suction. You can bend the flaps downwards to increase their angle. This creates more air displacement thus increasing the amount of suction. *CAUTION: When bending the flaps downwards, make sure the flaps do not hit the metal wire brake line.

    How Long Is The Warranty On My Trimpro Machine?
    There is one year warranty for defective parts. If you are making a warranty claim, please have in hand the serial number engraved on the underside of the frame of the machine.
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