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The Twister T4 is legendary in the industry as the workhorse trimmer that simply gets the job done. Non-stop power and performance to help you increase your profits and make your pockets fatter! Trim up to 14 lbs (dry) of medical flower per hour with one machine. 115V.

The Twister is the world's fastest medical flower trimmer, equipped with the industry's most advanced proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your harvest.


Trimming flower on any scale sucks. But it doesn’t have to. The Twister T4 transforms the game by using advanced, patent-pending plant trimming technology to do the work for you. Trim up to 14 lbs of medical-grade flower per hour with one machine.

Best in Class Performance

The Twister T4 is legendary in the industry as the workhorse trimmer that simply gets the job done. Non-stop power and performance to help you increase your profits and make your pockets fatter!


* dry when trimming under Twister recommended conditions (or 50-70lbs trimming wet)

Our tumblers are made of 304 stainless steel*. The six-inch diameter reduces wall crawl, resulting in a gentle and efficient flow of product through the tumbler.

* We never use Teflon-based PFE-PTFE coatings.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the Twister T4 is capable of consistently delivering maximum output during demanding large production trim sessions.

Twister T2 Front

Extract-Ready Trim? Bundle with a Trim Saver Learn More about Trim Saver DETAILS MATTER. The Twister T4 was designed from the ground up to exceed the stringent demands of the most demanding medical facilities on the planet. Its lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless steel design can deliver heavyweight results in any sized medical production. Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work trimming your crop by hand, the same can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T4! Gentle on Flower The Twister T4 is extremely gentle on your flower yet fast enough to get the job done in less time than any other trimmer on the planet. Soft Tumble™ Technology Keep the beauty and profile of your flower. The T4 uses a perfectly-sized 5" tumbler diameter combined with a Food Safe 304 Stainless Steel non-stick surface to reduce wall crawl and maintain a shorter tumble distance. High Performance The T4 is equipped with a powerful motor ensuring continuous, high-performance output for thousands of hours. And it’s portable. Two Piece Design Engineered with large-grip aluminum handles on either side of the T4 for easy movement to and from your trim sessions. Easy Tear Down and Cleaning Disassembly in seconds, giving you easy access to the components when needed. Tear down in 15 secs. Clean in 5 minutes. No tools required. Lightweight and Portable So small your little bro can carry it and your trunk will transport it.


Best in Class Reputation Faster, Higher Quality Cut Twister Trimmers are designed for continuous flow runtime, minimizing handling of the plant. Why tumble or churn for 20 minutes when 30 seconds will do? Highest ROI Your Twister will pay for itself in a single day, compared to hand trimming. Twister Track Record When you buy a Twister, you're investing in a brand with a decade of research and development behind it. Outstanding Support We offer live tech support 12 hours a day, seven days a week, along with an ironclad 3 Year Warranty and optional 2 Year Extended Warranty.

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Benefits of Nitriding...

  • Hardened steel
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Less wear on blades
  • Less buildup on the blades
  • Blades stay sharp longer
  • Materials are approved for contact with food products

Corrosion-Resistant Nitrided Blades [video]

Up To Four in Tandem

The T4 is the only medical flower trimming machine on the planet designed to run in configurations up to four in a row, for a total production speed of up to 150 lbs/hr! Start with one, add a second, and when you're ready, slide in the third or fourth! No additional labor required!

T2's Type Feed lbs/hr Feed kgs/hr
1 Dry 14-16 6-7
2 Dry 27-29 12-13
3 Dry 35-38 16-17
4 Dry 44-68 20-30
1 Wet 35-45 16-21
2 Wet 75-85 34-39
3 Wet 125-141 57-64
4 Wet 141-220 64-100

DON'T FORGET! T4 TANDEM ADAPTER SKU: 24-0022-00 CA$140 Need Help Choosing? Scaling Up/Speed Comparison View: "Choosing a Trimmer: 5 Things You Need to Know" Extract Ready Trim Collection The Trim Saver takes your Twister T4 to new heights, capable of producing extract ready trim. A truly plug-and-play addition for your T4, simply connect the vacuum and hit the power switch. It's that simple! Available for the Twister T2 and T4.

You asked for it, we listened. The best trimmers on the planet can now trim dry using our new DRY Soft Tumble technology.


Trim a broad range of moisture content, 11% to fully hydrated flower.


Our medical flower trimmers are designed for continuous flow and runtime.


Why tumble your delicate flowers for 20 minutes, when 30 seconds will do?



Input Voltage 115V
Current Draw 2A
Blade Motor 200W / 0.25HP
Tumbler Motor 6W / 1/125HP
Cut Height 0.40” / 1/25 / 1mm
Weight 56lb / 25.4kg
Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector) 120lbs / 54.4kg
25in / 63.5cm
15in / 38.1cm
16.5 in / 42cm
5in / 127mm


Input Voltage 115V
Motor 1HP
Amps (running) 10A
Amps (startup) 53A
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Airflow Capacity 1190 CFM
Static Pressure 6.45in of H20
Impeller 10" / 25.4CM
Inlet 5 1/2” / 139.7mm
Height 19in / 48.3cm
Weight 58lbs / 26.3kg
Circuit Breaker Required 15A, 120V
Connector (plug) 15A 120V (NEMA 5-15)
Sound Rating 77 db
Fused Yes
Extension Cord Gauge 12AWG MINIMUM Extension Cord Length: 25′ / 7.6m MAXIMUM
*** Failure to meet these min. requirements can cause damage
Maintenance Clean impeller housing frequently. Replace filter bag..

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With over a decade leading the industry, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our equipment, and offer top-tier tech support available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    NameTwister T4 Trimmer
    Warranty3 Year
    Dimensions42.5"L x 27.5"W x 32.5"H (with wheels)
    CSA CertifiedYes
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