Twister T6 Tumbler - Standard 1/4 in (wet)

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Add on WET Tumbler (aka ‘barrel’ or ‘drum’) for the Twister T6 trimmer. The Wet Tumbler for the Twister T6 trimer features a 4" diameter with 3/16" slots for a close and delicate trim of your buds and flowers.

Wet Replacement tumbler for Twister T6 trimmer.

Works with existing Twister T6 Trimmers. Tumbler can be switched from WET to DRY in seconds.

40 slots of stainless steel goodness, the T6 tumbler is our most advanced yet.

A smaller diameter means greater efficiency and less damage to the flowers. It's as simple as that.

Designed for wet trimming

Engineered specifically for growers who want to trim wet.

Hand-trim quality

Product trimmed with the Twister T6 WET has been lab tested to be equal or better than hand-trimmed product

Trim tight, trim safe

Twister tumblers provide a trim that's tight, clean, yet gentle on your product.

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Name Twister T6 Tumbler - Standard 1/4 in (wet)
Brand Twister
SKU 24-02-000216-P
Weight (lbs) 4
MSRP $590.00
Dimensions 4" x 4" x 17"