UNO VHO Horticulture Fixture T5 4 FT - 4 Bulb

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UNO VHO T5 Fixture is able to handle Very High Output (VHO) T5 bulbs that are 95 to 110w. These fixtures can be used for vegetative and flowering growth. Great alternative to HID lamps when you want even light intensity and coverage.
UNO VHO T-5 4`- 4 Lamp Fixture- without bulbs

XTREME HIGH OUTPUT and HIGHER PERFORMANCE have forged together to give birth to The UNO Horticulture VHO T5 System ! The UNO VHO T5 Fixture produces color and light much closer to that of regular daylight than any competition resulting in tighter inter nodal spacing, thicker stem walls heartier foliage, and natural increase in plant oils. These improvements together create a much healthier plant while enhancing the desirable characteristics of your flora.

The UNO Horticulture V.H.O. and X.H.O. Tri-phosphor Himalayaв„ў bulbs are designed for optimum light performance with the ballast. The V.H.O. or X.H.O. lamps coupled with ballasts put out 60% more light than Bad Boy fixtures with NO additional power consumption, ( less than 1 amp. per lamp) ! The real trick to the unit is it will give up to 60% more light at 6" and 1' away from the plants. The VHO drives light deeper into the foliage for better light coverage and plant vigor.

Each 4 Lamp Unit can be hooked together for an 4, 8, 12, or 16 bulb setup!

  • 4 lamp @ 418 Watt:
    95W. V.H.O. lamps offer 29,200 lumens
    110W. X.H.O. lamps offer 33,200 lumens

  • 8 Lamp @ 836 Watt: 95W. V.H.O. lamps offer 58,400 lumens 110W. X.H.O. lamps offer 66,400 lumens

  • 12 Lamp @ 1,254 Watt: 95W. V.H.O. lamps offer 87,600 lumens 110W. X.H.O. lamps offer 99.600 lumens

  • 16 Lamp @ 1,672 Watt: 95W. V.H.O. lamps offer 116,800 lumens 110W. X.H.O. lamps offer 132,800 lumens

  • Ultra light weight to operate.
  • Inteli Universal input voltage: The ballast can operate from 120V. To 277V. 50HZ. Or 60HZ.
  • Vented Reflector - Eliminate the heat. Drive the lumens and not the heat.
  • Dual Vented Ballast Housing: Keeps ballast running cool and extends ballast life.
  • Unique Lamp spacing- more uniform and panel light, better than HPS point light.
  • Phillips digital ballast
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    Name UNO VHO Horticulture Fixture T5 4 FT - 4 Bulb
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