Vacuum Ovens
High quality Vacuum Purge Ovens are designed to efficiently purge elements or solvents such as propane, butane, CO2 or water from plant extracts without depleting the desired substance. Large surface areas are necessary for effective Off-gassing solvents, our laboratory grade vacuum ovens have multiple shelves for large scale work.

Vacuum ovens are used in creating quality extracts, concentrates, and oils. Using low heat and reduced pressure, a vacuum oven traps water and other solvents then transition them from liquid to gas. These contaminants are then pulled from the chamber, leaving behind a stable purified oil at the end. Vacuum ovens have many other applications as well, such as Outgassing, Desiccating, Aging tests, Plating, Dry sterilization, and Drying of paper, rubber, and textiles.