Veganic Nutrients
Organic and Vegan plant nutrients. Nothing derived from animal byproducts or animal wastes, only plant derived nutrition. That means no heads, tails, shells, scales, dung, guano, or manure. Replacing animal byproducts with vegetable wastes, mulches and microbe teas. Veganic cultivation aims to make nutrients 100% bio-available at all times using beneficial microbes to process nutrients and maintain healthy root mass.

  1. Amp-It Micros + Aminos is designed to amend the nutrition for crops in high-yield situations. This precise blend of naturally mined minerals, plant extracts and amino acids will also aid plants in acheiving increased metabolism. Learn More
  2. Purelife Veganix combines superior chemistry with fermentation for the ultimate VEGANIC plant nutrient thats over 95% natural ingredients. Learn More
  3. Vegamatrix Bloom is designed with flowering, fruiting and budding plants in mind. Combining Vegamatrix Bloom with Boost and Grow will enhance its effectiveness. Learn More
  4. Vegamatrix Boost is designed to be a stand-alone Ca-Mg supplement compatible with all base nutrients Learn More
  5. Food grade enzymatic complex additive, converts unavilable nutrients, dead roots and other organic matter info usable bio-available food for your plants. Learn More
  6. Use Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic to augment growth on all flowering plants. Cytokine stimulates cell and stem growth for harder stems and shorter nodal spaces. Learn More
  7. Starter Kit contains 1 each 200ml Grow, Bloom, Boost, Prime Zyme, Amp-It, Hard n Quick. Perfect for up to four plants from seed through harvest. Learn More
  8. An excellent soil conditioner, Alfalfa Meal is a rich source of trace elements and natural growth stimulants. Recommended for all flowering shrubs and especially roses, Alfalfa Meal accelerates growth and promotes larger, more plentiful blooms. It is also useful as a compost bio-activator due to its high organic matter content and ideal Carbon-to-Nitrogen ratio. Learn More
  9. Vegan Plant Booster! FloraBlend is made from a proprietary blend of plant materials, plus seaweed, rock powders & micronized Leonardite.FloraBlend is produced with a mixture of highly bioactive microorganisms that are fed a feast of select food sources in a hyperoxygenated environment. Beneficial microorganisms multiply rapidly, consuming the food through bioconversion processes, new organic compounds are formed. These organic compounds are enzymes, metabolites & organic acids, which energize the plant's metabolic processes. Learn More
  10. Floralicious Plus is a super concentrated blend of plant, marine and mineral extracts. Floralicious Plus is a one part nutrient additive for both hydroponics and soil that can be used throughout the plants growing cycle. Floralicious Plus enhances mineral nutrient uptake and transport in your plants. Floralicious Plus enhances metabolic growth, promotes flower development, encourages fruit swelling, and facilitates essential oil production. Floralicious Plus will also encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root zone.Floralicious Plus means plants with incredible flavor and extraordinary yield! Learn More
  11. Bloom Booster Veganic, and safe for use with all nutrient lines include Vegamatrix. North Atlantic Cold Water Kelp Extract, Vitamin B-1 Yucca Extract, simple and complex carbohydrates dramatically increase your plants production of essential oils, terpenoids and phenols. Learn More

Veganic simply means no animal-derived products are used, instead, turning to plant-based nutrients and soil enriching microbes to provide an overall healthier ecosystem for your plants to thrive in. The key to veganic cultivation is to maximize the soil or media's availability of nutrients that are readily available to your plant's root system.

Veganic nutrients leave no residue behind from leftover uncomposted fertilizers and manures, unlike most organic fertilizers made from animal products which eventually negatively affect your pH which then interferes with the plant's ability to take in nutrients. Veganic nutrients, after the plants have metabolized the nutrients, only leave behind complex carbohydrates which in turn feed microbes in the soil or growing media.

Aiming for complete 100% nutrient absorption, veganic cultivation converts decaying plant waste into an environment for beneficial fungi and bacteria, which in turn create the healthy ecosystem in which your plants can absorb all available nutrients. Compost teas are a great way to introduce veganic nutrients to your plant's root system.