VermiWorm Worm Castings 0.75 Cu. Ft.

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    The key to achieving extremely high amounts of well-rounded beneficial biology in VermiWorm is to control the organic matter that is provided to the worms as a food source. VermiCrop provides a very specific proprietary diet to their worms. They have removed all manures from the worms’ diet which eliminates the risk of manure borne pathogens. With the correct food sources and the removal of competing pathogens, the earthworms can digest and excrete higher levels of beneficial biology to create the premium castings of VermiWorm.

  • Optimize soil life for plant vigor
  • Increase available food resources
  • Above average levels of active bacteria, fungi and protozoa
  • Produce amazing qualities of taste, smell and nutrition in your fruits, veggies and herbs
  • Re-energize depleted soils
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    NameVermiWorm Worm Castings 0.75 Cu. Ft.
    BrandVermicrop Organics
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