Dramm 20 Gallon extra tank option for Hydra200

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    Extends the Dramm Hydra200G 200-gallon hydraulic sprayer line to an additional 20-gallon spray capacity. Providing users with flexible options for larger jobs. Also includes a 9 gauge reel with an oil-less hydraulic winding motor and manual tension regulation which will facilitate easier use on farm fields, pastures, lawns, and more.

    Dramm 20 Gallon extra tank option for the Hydra200

    This optional 20-gallon tank is great for smaller areas or to switch during application on your Dramm Hydra200G.

    The Dramm Hydra200G high-performance sprayer utilizes a convex reel design to prevent birds from nesting on the hose. The reel features a lock and variable tension drag to keep the hose from freewheeling and spilling to the ground. The unit comes standard with Dramm's Turbo Gun, a powerful and efficient spraying tool. Designed with a unique steering system that allows for exceptional maneuverability and the ability to turn 360° within a 7-foot radius. 

    7-gallon per minute pump output. HEAVY-DUTY PERFORMANCE

    Fully adjustable pressure to 500psi. Adjustable pattern 150', 200', 250', or 300' hose available. The 200G can also be mounted with a single, larger reel for up to 300' capacity. The Remote Wind reel can be attached for automatic winding of the hose during spray application.

    *Utilizing Dramm's durable and powerful triplex pump, this sprayer has the capacity to utilize two hoses at a time when powered by a gasoline engine.

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    Tank size 20 Gallons
    Dramm Hydra200 20-gallon OptionDramm Hydra200 20-gallon Option

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    NameDramm 20 Gallon extra tank option for Hydra200
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