Dramm HydraSkid HONDA 5.5HP Engine, 100 gallon, 150' hose

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    The Dramm HydraSkid is a high-volume hydraulic sprayer capable of performing a variety of tasks. The Hydra is perfect for the application of insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, fertilizers, disinfectants, and other chemicals. With a pump output of 7 gallons per minute, the HydraSkid offers enough volume to utilize a choice of guns, drench and agitate the tank simultaneously. The pump has a maximum operating pressure of 550 psi with a fully adjustable regulator. This allows for flexibility in the choice of spray pattern, droplets, and distances.

    Dramm HydraSkid 5.5HP HONDA Engine, 100 gallon, 150' hose

    The HydraSkid uses a 5.5 HP Honda Gasoline Motor. This motor is close coupled to the pump, meaning that the motor and pump share the same shaft. This removes any belt, chain, or gear drive between the two and offers fewer maintenance and safety concerns. The HydraSkid utilizes a convex reel design to prevent birdnesting of the hose. The reel features a lock as well as a variable tension drag that prevents the reel from freewheeling and spilling hose on the ground. The unit comes standard with either 150’, 200’, or 250' of hose and Dramm’s Turbo Gun, a superior patterned gun with easy adjustment and a light draw that causes less hand fatigue. The HydraSkid is mounted on a rigid steel frame designed for easy fork placement for loading the unit into a pickup bed or onto a cart. All of the operation functions of the HydraSkid can be carried out from one end of the machine. The motor, pump, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, filter, and drain are located just below the reel, making operation easy. The 50-gallon tank offers a large opening with a filter basket and includes a sump with an anti-vortex baffle designed to minimize pressure drop when the tank volume is low.


    • 5.5 HP HONDA Engine
    • Close Coupled Pump
    • Adjustable Pattern Turbo Gun
    • Fully Adjustable Pressure to 550psi
    • 150’ hose
    • Locking, Variable drag hose reel
    • Agitation provided by pump bypass
    • Easy to load and use skid design



    Tank size 100 Gallons
    Hose Length 150’
    Pump Direct Drive
    Motor 5.5 HP HONDA Gasoline Motor
    Maximum Pump Capacity 7 GPM
    Maximum Pressure 550psi
    Pump Type Triplex Piston Pump
    Dramm Hydra200 CalloutDramm Hydra200 Callout

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    NameDramm HydraSkid HONDA 5.5HP Engine, 100 gallon, 150' hose
    Horse Power5.5 HP
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