Whiteflies, also known as Aleyrodidae, are soft-bodied, winged insects closely related to aphids, scales, and mealybugs. They can be found in most regions, but are so tiny that they can be difficult to spot.

Here at GrowersHouse check out our vast selection of various solutions and traps for a common pest in greenhouses, the Whitefly, which affect a wide variety of plants. Whiteflies suck plant juices leading to yellowing and dead leaves, they also leave behind a sticky substance known as honeydew that can cause fungal diseases to form. Whiteflies are tiny flying insects that lay their eggs on the underside of leaves and tend to scatter (fly away) when disturbed while reproducing in warm climates throughout the year. Whiteflies especially like to feed on sweet potatoes and plants from the cabbage family, ornamentals, and warm-weather vegetable plants such as okra, peppers, avocado, eggplant, and tomatoes. An important part of whitefly management is to avoid using insecticides that kill natural predators. Controlling dust and ants can be important especially in trees.

Whiteflies with nymphs