Xtrasun Dial-A-Watt E-Ballast 1000W *DISCONTINUED*

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The sealed version of the Xtrasun 1000w digital dimmable ballast. Great for industrial and commercial setups that need a dial-a-watt ballast that runs Super Lumens, 1000w, 750w, 600w, and 400w settings. RF shielding built into the ballast to minimize interference with other nearby electronics.

Control & Versatility
Power a multitude of different wattage lamps on the same ballast.

Optimum performance for each lamp.

Dual Receptacle
Works with all common reflectors.

Five-mode Adjustable Output
400W, 600W, 750W, 1000W, and 1000W Boost

  • Completely silent
  • Internal resin coating protects against dust and moisture
  • Internal RF shielding
  • Extruded aluminum enclosure dissipates heat and keeps components cool
  • Thermal overload protection internal safety feature
  • Dimmable

  • Rated Wattage: 1000
    Voltage: 120/240
    Rated Amperage: 9.2/4.6
    Warranty: 3 Year
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Ballast Type: Electronic
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    Name Xtrasun Dial-A-Watt E-Ballast 1000W *DISCONTINUED*
    Brand Xtrasun
    SKU XTEDW1000
    UPC 638104011662
    MSRP $299.99
    Warranty 3 Year
    Dimensions 15.2L x 10.0W x 3.7H
    Voltage 120-240v
    Watts 1000w
    Amps 9.2/4.6
    CSA Certified Yes