Xtreme Gardening Giant Pumpkin Kit *DISCONTINUED*

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    Included is everything you need to Grow Your Own Giant Pumpkin – Naturally! A book entitled “How-To-Grow World class Giant Pumpkins the All-Organic Way” by Don Langevin, successful Giant Pumpkin Grower, GPC certified Giant Pumpkin Seeds, each capable of producing a pumpkin over 1,000lbs, as well as Mykos Mycorrhizal Inoculant (AKA Pumpkin Pro), Azos and CalCarb.

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    Giant Pumpkin Growing has been a favorite pastime for gardeners for many years, but first attained international status in 1900 when a Canadian of Goderich, Ontario by the name of William Warnock unveiled a 400lb pumpkin at the Paris World’s Fair. After receiving special awards from the French government, he grew another World Record, 403 pounds exhibited at the 1903 St. Louis World’s Fair, and continued to hold the record for the next 70 years. In 1976, the 600lb mark was hit, but it wasn’t until the turn of the century that things really got interesting, the 1,000lb mark!

    In 2005, a grower out of Rhode Island, Ron Wallace, called RTI with an idea to use mycorrhizae (mike-or-rise-ay) to help increase growth. RTI at this time had been growing mycorrhizae for the last ten years, and was using it primarily in restoration projects. Ron was correct however, and grew a 1,502lb pumpkin, a new World Record. Every year since, the largest pumpkin in the world was grown with Mykos (mycorrhizae), Azos and CalCarb.

    After speaking to many growers, the most fun growing Giant Pumpkins isn’t the prize money, or the auctioning of seeds, some of which are sold for $800, but it’s really watching these beasts grow up to 50lbs a day, and the excitement and learning of the biology behind it.

    We hope you have fun growing your own Giant Pumpkin, and as we tell all the growers: “May the Spores be with You!”
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