Active Aqua 4' X 8' Rolling Bench System

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Create aisles where you want them! Floating aisle tables are great for commercial grow rooms and greenhouses for easy access to plants without having to move tables that can weigh hundreds of pounds. Easily maneuver your growing environment to access all plants on the flood table and maximize the growing square footage of your room or greenhouse.

Eliminate the need for multiple costly aisles on your grow room floor. These space-saving benches allow you to roll your bench tops easily to create an aisle where you need it, when you need it. Active Aqua/Hydrofarm’s 4' x 8' rolling bench system is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and will maximize the grow space in your greenhouse or grow room. The benches are designed to accept flood tables, expanded metal, or wire mesh bench tops and come with angled anchors to secure the table to the floor. The rolling bench has a unique design: connect the benches at the end to customize the length of the bench in 8 foot increments while maintaining smooth and easy rolling.

  • 4'W x 8'L x 28 3/4"H
  • 7.35" side-to-side overhang
  • Smoother edges for improved safety
  • Heavy duty construction with galvanized steel
  • Connectable for variable lengths
  • Peaked roll bars for smooth rolling
  • Special retainer that prevents the top from tipping
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NameActive Aqua 4' X 8' Rolling Bench System
Alternate SKU/MPNAGT10001
BrandActive Aqua
Weight (lbs)87
Dimensions96" × 48" × 28.8"
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