About GrowersHouse

It’s 2011. My father Paul Lipton was recently divorced, and I was a year out of college. We both had prior experience using closets to cultivate “interesting plants” We decided to marry our passion for plants with the need to earn a living. I convinced my Dad and some family friends to invest and start GrowersHouse – an online retailer with a single retail store (and headquarters) in Tucson, AZ.

We started small, doing local classes to teach Tucsonans everything they need to grow at home. At GrowersHouse we have always wanted to educate people on how to grow anything, and to offer a super wide selection of products for novice growers all the way up to professionals and large growing operations.

Running a family business isn’t easy. In the beginning, you might see Paul trying to strangle me in the hallway, and I spent most days running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Now the company is larger than we ever dreamed of and we have a large team of professionals, but we still focus on helping growers of all kinds in all states and many countries – whether it be through our extensive selection of equipment and supplies at killer prices, or our obsessive customer service team (most of whom are growers themselves) or even via our sister companies and help growers connect with each other and show you how high is up.

GrowersHouse is a family, which you are now part of. We want to find the stillness of your garden as a place of refuge. From our family to yours: happy growing and respect your plants as a form of respecting yourself. Over and out.

-- Nate and the team at GrowersHouse

Some Quick Links

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Get a dedicated solutions associate and bulk pricing for large scale growers

Canna Cribs >
YouTube series on the largest growing operations in the world; Nate is the host

GrowersHouse Videos >
Our videos on product reviews, tutorials, and more random stuff

Growers Network Forum >
Forum made by growers, for growers to learn together whether you’re a hobbyist or professional cultivator

Growers Network University (GNU) >
Hobbyist and Commercial growing courses to increase your skills

Retail Store Address

3635 E 34th St.
Tucson, AZ 85713-3504

Retail Store Hours

M-F: 9am - 5pm
Sa: Closed
Su: Closed