Advanced Nutrients - Jungle Juice Micro

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The Base Nutrient Breakthrough You've Been Waiting For! Micro-Nutrient Formula

JUNGLE JUICE™ MICRO: starts your plants off right and gives them the foundation they need by feeding them high-quality Nitrogen, Iron, Calcium, and other trace elements in the precise amounts our high-profit plants demand...

What's the difference between General Hydroponics' Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom and Advanced Nutrients' Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom?
There's no difference. They use the exact same ingredients in the exact same proportions. The advantage of using Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom that is you save 40% of your money and, even though both products use the same ingredients, Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom is put through a more rigorous quality control process as it's made. We have a whole host of quality control standards that set us apart from the competition.

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